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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WOW have you heard the latest on our genius Presidents plan on lowering the 14 Trillion dollar deficit he created? Well he created well over 7 Trillion of it. Well he wants to raise the ceiling, make more room for MORE debt.

Something tells me, and I'm no financial wizard by any means, That in increasing the roof on the debt Obama will go on spending as usual. Our children and their grandchildren will still see this deficit in their days. What needs to be done? None of the Democrats and their corrupt leader can tell us and the Republicans, well lets just say the first 7 Trillion US Dollars of this mess belongs to Bush as well as a bunch of other issues, it even goes as far back as Reagan. So where do we stand and how do we pay it down?

Like I said I'm no genius but what i will say is some pretty good places to start cutting expenses come to mind right now. Let's start with the problem causers right off the bat, the democrats, their leader Obama and the Republicans as well. Their wages need to be cut 2/3 rd's all the way from the white House down to the State Official in either of these parties. They are all to blame and they are always telling us to face our financial obligations as the citizens well let them eat crow and live by their own rulings. We're not going to save Trillions of dollars this way but until we're in the black every cent counts and they are responsible.

Next, let's have a report printed within the next day or so of every Federal and local State business, endeavour, Pork barrel or other organization, ALL OF THEM and what they are doing in 2-3 paragraphs with the money they are receiving from tax payers and the government. Then let's CUT ALL of them that are useless and pissing our money down the drain. Make this a nation wide consensus vote and the one with the biggest majority of votes goes bye bye. Let's use Obama's favorite cliche' we'll make a "bi-partisan" decision won't we folks?

Next, government official packages will be looked at and brought down to par with the average Americans package. That goes for retirement to medical and raises. They want right to work States? well OK lets make them as responsible, they will be at  a new national level of pay determined by expert financiers to be what an average Supervisor makes in a factory and no more. Lets cut out early retirement and full pensions for 20 year government people as well the quitting age is 67 before you get social security so same for them. And no more either we have to live with $1500 a month so should they.

Government is for the people and by the people and in no way should surpass the people. EVER! If we're doing lousy at home then the government needs to be eating Mac and cheese too.

Let's start here as I get a few more ideas I'll jot them down. Peace and remember "I Reject Obama".

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