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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama is finding this Depression humourous

Obama's making jokes about shovels and our depression while millions of Americans keep getting foreclosed upon or loose their jobs in the US. Personally I think he's a president of "bad taste" oh and "false promises" so what's to be expected from him?

Let's take a look at his accomplishments in office shall we?

Depression denial - he's been particularly good at saying what a double dip recession we're in but can spit out the truth, it's a frikin depression and a fucking bad one. 

"Unemployment numbers are going down" - Obama chimes on about this every chance he gets you know why? because he thinks we are all as stupid as he is that's why. We of educated cloth know that the reason numbers in unemployment are going down is not because our Muslim loving Pres did something good its because he has done nothing at all and people are loosing their claims for unemployment benefits and giving up on finding work altogether that's what his REAL unemployment fix has been.

TWELVE MILLION or more! Illegals mostly from Mexico and other South American countries are here putting a burden on our health, social aide programs, housing values, and killing or murdering our citizens and feeding drugs to our youth. To this Obama says lets open the borders, lets make these criminals and illegals Americans by just giving it (citizenship) to them because they came here illegally we should reward them for their ingenuity. Let's ignore the millions and millions of Americans here who went through the process to do it right. AND let's give their children tuition's in the billions at tax payer expense so they can eventually take jobs away from American citizens children.

He's very happy about how Nancy Pelosi pulled the rug out from under Americans in regards to tier 5 unemployment benefits in fact so much he wanted her to stay forever by his side.

More to come on this topic, stay tuned.....

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